Pediatric Keratoconus Screening

Keratoconus appears to run in families. If you have it and have children, it’s a smart idea to have your children’s eyes checked for keratoconus starting at age 14. Keratoconus presents a higher rate and faster progression in children and for this reason prompt and effective treatment is essential. The only effective treatment (at this time) for young kids with progressive keratoconus is Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL). CXL will stop the disease and therefore your child will not suffer the effects of keratoconus.

The examination should include topography, a Pentacam, and a comprehensive refraction to uncover any high order aberrations. The condition progresses more rapidly in people with certain medical problems, including certain allergic conditions. It could be related to chronic eye rubbing. With today’s technology we can now detect this devastating eye disorder early and stop the progression of keratoconus to prevent any further damage.

The institute offers complimentary comprehensive screenings for children ages 10 -18 years old. If interested please schedule your appointment. The screening takes between 20-30 minutes. This includes a Pentacam, topography, HOA comprehensive refractive and a consultation with Dr. Azman.