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Our History & Philosophy

The institute was founded by Ivan Garcia, M.D., Chief Director of Medical & Surgical services and Irwin Azman, O.D., Chief Director of Refractive and Contact Lens Services. With a combined 70+ years of experience in diagnosing and treatment of keratoconus, doctors Garcia and Azman understand how debilitating and frustrating having Keratoconus can be. The doctors are also aware that most individuals suffering from this devastating eye disease are scared and confused. Due to these reasons doctors Garcia and Azman have dedicated their time/expertise and have assembled a team of passionate and empathetic experts ranging from ophthalmologists, optometrists, technicians, and support staff using state-of-the-art technology. Doctors Garcia and Azman stated "It is only then that we can tailor a treatment modality and achieve the best outcomes. With long term eye health, clear and consistent vision we will enable individuals to function normally."

Services Provided

• Pediatric Screenings – early detection and early intervention

Specialty Contact Lenses – soft lenses, hybrids, corneal contacts, scleral lenses

• Medical Treatment – FDA-Approved Corneal Cross-linking (KXL)


• Combination treatments  / CXL with specialty lens, CK with Intacs